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Program Areas & Merit Badges 

*For 2021 Season we are working on making our programs safe fun and full of adventure.         As we receive more guidance from the state we will update our website with program changes.   Program Areas and Merit Badges listed below are the Merit badges we traditionally offer but   may change for 2021.

Eagle University

Eagle University at Lost Valley will focus on scouts accomplishing hard-to-earn Eagle Scout merit badges in an exciting summer camp environment!

Please be sure to complete the prerequisites.

Lost Valley offers a total of 10 Eagle Merit Badges at

Summer Camp! 

You will find First Aid, Cooking and Camping in Outdoor Skills,

Swimming and Lifesaving in Aquatics and

Environmental Science in the Nature center!

Scout Skills

Scout Skills teaches the skills Scouts are famous for! 


It has something for every Scout, and almost every Scout will visit It at least once in their week.    


Please be sure to complete the prerequisites for First Aid,

Camping, Cooking and Search and Rescue. 

Nature Center

The Wiatava Nature Center is located right in the middle of

Lost Valley.  The Nature Center is full of resources to help

Scouts learn about nature and how we interact with it.  

'Walk In' Merit Badge Classes: The 'Walk-In' Merit Badges at the Nature Center are self-paced courses with a Nature staff member guiding Scouts through the Merit Badge.  It is best for Scouts that wish to participate in 'Walk-In' Merit Badges to meet with the Nature staff early in the week to set up their schedule for the particular Merit Badge. 

Some Merit Badges may take a full week to complete.



Shooting Sports

The Field Sports areas teach Scouts the skills to become proficient marksmen while learning proper safety techniques.  Your Scouts can partake in the Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, and Archery Merit Badges taught by our N.R.A. certified instructors.  Our Field Sports areas include the Safari Club Rifle Range, the Weatherby Shotgun Range, and the Indian Meadows Archery Range.  We also have a B.B. Gun Range available for Cub Scouting events.  There is a moderate cost associated with ammo purchases for Rifle and Shotgun Shooting.  For Summer 2020, we are offering our Pistol Shooting program as well as the Paintball Target Range and Cowboy Action Shooting!

It is up to the discretion of the area director to allow participants to participate in an activity like Open Shoot or a Merit Badge.  This is a necessary safety measure when dealing with firearms. 

  • Open Shooting: The Field Sports ranges are opened for open shoot during Open Program from 4:15-5 PM and Evening Program from 7-7:45, M, T, Th. 

  • All Field Sports are double session merit badges; either Sessions 1 and 2 (mornings), or 3 and 4 (afternoons).  

  • Rifle and Archery Merit Badge are capped at 20 participants per session.

  • Shotgun Merit Badge is capped at 15 participants per session because of limited shooting positions.  It is suggested that Scouts be 14 or over, or be able to safely handle a shotgun to participate in Shotgun merit badge. 

Aqua-Field Sports
Dirty Jobs

Metalworking - The ancient art of blacksmithing is taught at Lost Valley! Scouts use a blacksmith forge to create projects using steel stock, hammers, an anvil and lots of heat.  Metalwork is offered as a single session merit badge with a cap of 12 students per class.  Scouts may need time during the open afternoon session (4:15-5 p.m., M-Th)

to complete projects. 

There is an additional materials cost for this merit badge. 


Welding -   Ever wondered how metals are joined together?  This program expands on the forging processes learned in programs similar to metalworking by taking the next step and introducing Scouts to the basics techniques and processes of welding.  Scouts will learn gas metal arc welding. There will be an additional materials cost for this merit badge. Knowledge of welding and/or metalworking merit badge are not required to enroll.  There is an additional materials cost for this merit badge.  


Home Repair-  Being able to do home repairs provides a sense of personal pride in one’s achievements. In addition, safe and successful do-it-yourself projects can easily save a family tons of money in repair bills over the years.


Conveniently located in the heart of Camp Grace across from the Tech Center and Bike Lair, the Handicraft area provides the materials to earn artistic Merit Badges.  Experiment with your artistic side; if you need to stamp a leatherwork project or fire some clay in the kiln, it's here.  


This is a great area for younger Scouts, just getting started in the merit badge program, or for anyone who’d like to make their own camp souvenir to take home with them.  The Trading Post has all the items needed to complete

handicraft Merit Badges available for purchase.

Handi-High Adv

Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley has two 25 yard swimming pools and a seasonal lake that offer a variety of aquatics activities. In addition to Merit Badges,

Aquatics also offers:

  • Swimming and Water Rescue Course

  • Free Swim (during the Afternoon Open Session

  • Mile Swim, BSA (See Aquatics Director)

  • Polar Bear morning swim (6:00 AM, M-F)

  • Troop/Patrol Aquacade Games (Friday afternoon)

  • Kayaking and Canoeing are offered dependent on Lake water level

Indian Village

The Indian Village celebrates the history of the Cupeno Native Americans who once called Lost Valley home.  

We are one of the very few summer camps to offer the Archaeology Merit Badge.  The Indian Village also hosts several events:


Indian Village Overnighter: Come sleep in a traditional Cupeño dwelling, a Kish, enjoy fry bread, practice your drumming, and learn traditional Native American stories. 


OA (Order of the Arrow) Night: Thursday from 7-8 p.m. Come experience the fellowship and learn about the OA. OA Members, remember to bring your sash. Open to all, not just OA members.


High Adventure is the place for older Scouts. It encourages personal growth, leadership, and team building skills while challenging the Scout’s physical abilities.


Climbing Merit Badge is a double session morning badge (Sessions 1 and 2).  It is recommended that participants have good physical strength.  The Climbing merit badge will end on Thursday after participants have been out to Cathedral Rock. 

Climb on Safely Training for adults will also be offered each week.  Please see the Climbing Director for exact requirements.  


Not interested in Merit Badges?  We offer two programs aimed at older Scouts!


Project C.O.P.E within our Camp Borrego program. Camp Borrego is our Scout-led approach to high adventure, and lets Scouts try everything from rappelling to backpacking while helping build our Scouts’ leadership along the way. Learn more about Camp Borrego here!

 Our ATV program is great for older Scouts that want to learn about ATVs and play dirty.  Learn more about our ATV program here!

High Adventure
Trail to First Class

Trail to First Class serves Scouts working on their Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks.  

Trail to First Class has two programs:


Path 1: Scouts in Path 1 complete requirements as part of a scheduled class that takes up Periods 1-4.  

Scouts are required to attend all four periods each day and participate in all requirements taught, regardless of if they have completed them with their Troop.

Scouts will be able to earn the  First Aid and Wood Carving Merit Badge. 

Scouts will also attend an overnight hike and

campout on Thursday night.


Path 2: Scouts may choose to sign up for the

session covering the materials for any combination of Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class.

Each rank will have a session dedicated to it. 


The Horsemanship program is one of Lost Valley’s signature attractions.  Besides Horsemanship merit badge, we also offer trail rides and special meal rides. There is a weight limit of 225 lbs. to ride our horses. 


Horsemanship Merit Badge: Want to learn the basics of horses? Then sign up for horsemanship!  Horsemanship includes learning the parts of a horse, basic care, terms, and includes a basic skills ride.  There is a materials cost of $15 for this merit badge. 


Non-merit badge offerings (these programs are optional and not included in the merit badge class): 


Trail Rides: Horseback is the best way to travel around Lost Valley!  Our hour-long trail rides are for all experience levels from those who never ridden, to experienced riders. Scouts and adults are welcome to ride; Scouts do not have to have or be enrolled in the Horsemanship merit badge to participate. Staff will saddle horses for all riders. Rides depart from and return to the stables, but will travel around camp at a walking speed.  Trail Rides are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Long pants and helmets (provided) are required for everyone (adults and staff included), and boots with a heel are preferred. There is an additional cost for this activity, not part of the merit badge. 



Meal Rides: One of our most popular events. There is a $45 cost for this activity.  Scouts do not have to be enrolled in the Horsemanship merit badge, and adults  are welcome as well.  Rides are filled on a first-come,   first-served basis, and they fill very up fast. Long pants and helmets (provided) are required for everyone (adults and staff included), and boots with a heel are preferred.  Meal rides are purchased at the Grace Trading Post starting at 10:30 a.m. Monday morning.   We offer meal rides Monday through Thursday. 

  • Dinner Rides: Horses will take campers down the trail to the meal site for a BBQ cowboy dinner just like the cattle drivers of the old west.  Riders depart before dinner at 4:45 p.m. and arrive back around 7 p.m. for evening program. 


Animal Science Merit Badge: Cattle, horses, sheep, goats, hogs, poultry, and other domesticated animals are important to people for many reasons. They supply us with food and clothing, we use them for recreational purposes, they work with and for us


A unique program area, the STEM Center exposes Scouts to topics in, science, technology, engineering, and math. The Technology Center is located in the heart of Camp Grace. Merit Badges offered: Robotics and Space Exploration.

Trading Post

New in 2020 we are offering the Salesmanship Merit Badge.  This class will be held at the Trading Post.  Please complete requirement 5 before arriving at camp!

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