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ATV Program


Scouts attending the 2022 season at Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley will have the opportunity to ride ATVs as part of the ATV rider safety program. Orange County Council is very excited to have been selected by our National Office to conduct a pilot program aimed at teaching proper ATV safety and maintenance to Scouts. Polaris Industries Inc., the leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles, donated six Polaris ATVs to make this program possible. 


The ATV rider safety program consists of 5 hours of hands-on training on the riding range.  For practice drills, Scouts weave in between cones, perform emergency stops and turns, learn machine maintenance, and review safety regulations. 

IMG_2953a (1).jpg


Each participant wears a helmet, goggles, chest protector, long sleeve shirt, long pants, ankle high boots and riding gloves.  After receiving their safety certificate, they go on a trail ride exploring the miles of ATV trails available on Lost Valley’s 1400 plus acres. ATV riding is available at Lost Valley to Scouts 14 and older throughout the summer as well as our Borrego- High Adventure Program. Scouts can participate in this program while still working on merit badges.


Limited availability for this exciting new program, get your reservation in today!



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