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What to Bring to Camp

Your Guide to Packing for Camp

This list is meant to serve as a guide.  Use your discretion in choosing what to bring and what to leave home.  Things do get lost or broken.  Please plan accordingly and leave valuable items at home.

Please clearly label all items with a permanent marker with name and contact number.  All effort is made to return Lost and Found items to their person.  You can also contact with inquires.


 Full Scout Uniform (Uniform shirt, belt, pants, socks, neckerchief)

 Raincoat or poncho

 Jacket/Sweater (it gets cool in the evening)

 Rugged Long Pants

 T-Shirts (six or more)

 Shorts

 Undershorts (six or more)

 Socks (six or more)

 Hiking boots

 Tennis shoes (open-toed shoes/sandals are not allowed except for in shower and pool deck)

 Swimsuit* and Towel

 Pajamas

 OA Sash (if a member of OA)

 Hat or Visor

*Put in the top of your pack - you will need upon arrival. You may wish to wear your swimsuit under your clothes when you arrive at camp.

Camp Necessities

 Sleeping Bag and Pillow

 Flashlight with fresh batteries/Headlamp

 Scout Outdoor Essentials AKA 10 Essentials

 Water Bottle or Hydration Pack

Toiletry Kit

 Toothbrush/Toothpaste

 Deodorant

 Soap

 Towel/Washcloth

 Sunscreen

 ChapStick/Lip Balm

 Comb and/or Brush

 Tissues

 Insect Repellent

Merit Badge Items

 Scout Handbook (name & troop # marked in book)

 Merit Badge Blue Cards filled out clearly and signed by Unit Leader

 Pen/pencil, notebook

 Merit Badge Books

Suggested Items

 Sunglasses

 Mountain Bike with Helmet

 Sunglasses

 Money for activities with a fee and Trading Post

​ Daypack 

 Gloves (for service projects)

Patrol and Troop Gear

 Clothes Lines and Pins

 Patrol/Troop Library

 Patrol Boxes (Optional)

 Mess Kit (Optional)

​ Lanterns (BSA approved) 

​ Patrol Flags

​ Troop Flags

​ Campsite Decorations

​ Radios to listen to LVSR

What NOT to Bring to Camp

 Pets

 Electronics

 Fireworks

 Sheath knives

 Bows and arrows

 Ammunition

 Firearms

 Tobacco

 Alcohol or illegal drugs

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