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Special Programs

Lost Valley offers much more than Merit Badges! Scroll through to see the many other program offerings available to Troops spending their summer in Lost Valley, including morning events, evening events, special awards, and adult leader programs.

Polar Bear Club

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? A quick dip in the pool might solve all that.
The Polar Bear Club meets every morning at 6 a.m. at the Grace pool. You’ll also learn how to walk, talk, hunt, swim, and tan like a Polar Bear. For those who can handle four (4) morning meetings (or three, plus the Tenderfoot Run) you’ll receive a membership card in the Polar Bear Club, which allows you to purchase a special patch at the trading post.
The Polar Bear Club is open to both Scouts and adult leaders – but it’s not for the faint of heart!
Overnight activities do NOT count for Polar Bear credit.


Tenderfoot Run

Wednesday morning, Scouts and adult leaders get the chance to show off their fancy footwork while completing a 2¼ mile jog around camp. There’s nothing like seeing Lost Valley in the crisp, early hours of the morning. For the finishers, a completion card will be issued, allowing them to purchase a special patch at the trading post.  Talk to the Scout Skills Staff for more information. The Tenderfoot Run will count as one day for the Polar Bear Club.


Bead and Feather

Each program area at Lost Valley offers Scouts a chance to earn special participation beads.  Check with them to find out the different beads they offer, and what the requirements are to earn them.  If Scouts earn seven beads by Friday, they can get their belt fob, available at the Trading Posts, branded with the LV brand at our Western Carnival on Friday night.


The Lost Valley Feather Program is designed to foster Patrol growth by allowing your Scouts to participate in activities as a Patrol.  Many program areas have feathers; ask at each area to find out the different requirements to earn a feather for your Patrol.  Feathers are also available for patrol flags, yells, and other special activities.  


Fridays at Lost Valley

Tri-Range Tournament

Join us for the Tri-Range Tournament, using all three shooting ranges. One Adult Leader per Unit will compete against other leaders to see who is truly the best shot. This activity has an additional cost.


Held at both pools, the Aquacade features fun and competition for all levels of swimmers.  Troops or patrols are welcome to participate.  Which Troop will have the best Scoutmaster belly flop?

Western Carnival

For the last night in camp, we kick it into high gear with a Western Carnival.  Come down to the stables for a picnic dinner, fun carnival games, and mobile trading post, BB gun shooting, branding, and then our Friday Stage Show!

Stage Show

The week closes with our Stage Show, beginning at 8 p.m., the world-famous Friday night revue; a great end to round out your week with laughter, song, awards, and a few serious moments as well.



Tri-Range Tourament

Tri-Range Tourament

Western Carnival

Western Carnival

Stage Show

Stage Show

Evening Program

Evening Session runs Monday through Thursday.  Your Unit will participate in activities at program areas as a Unit.  Most areas operate in 30-minute blocks, some, like Shooting Sports, take the entire hour.  Each area will have a session participant capacity; it is possible Units may share sessions if one does not meet the necessary capacities.  Your SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) will sign up for these events during the Monday Lunch SPL Meeting with the Commissioners.  A list of the weekly events will be distributed in the Weekly Welcome Packet.  Please plan ahead and provide your Troop with events that your Unit would like to participate in.  Rifle and Shotgun Shooting have an additional cost for ammunition.  Program Areas with Evening Sessions include Pool, Lake, Shotgun, Rifle, Bike, Handicraft, Nature, Indian Village, Scout Skills, Archery, and High Adventure.   

Late Evening Program

Our after 8 PM sessions Sunday: Rock the Meadow. Mondays: Guide Night. Let our Troop Guides get to know your unit better through a night of fun and games in your campsite. Tuesday: Campwide Game: Come down to the see what game we have for you this week. You will be competing against other Units and the Staff. Will your Unit be Number 1? Updated details will be available on Sunday at camp. Wednesday: The Commissioner's Campfire. This is where your Unit helps to put on the Show. Bring your best Skits and Songs to showcase to the rest of Lost Valley. Skits and Songs must be Scouting appropriate. Thursday: Trading Post Event Night 

Duty to God Award

While at Lost Valley, Scouts can work toward a special Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley Duty to God Award.  Recognition patches are available for purchase in the Trading Posts.  See the Camp Chaplin to schedule this rewarding program.

Campsite Cooking

Wednesday Nights.  We provide everything you need except the cooks.  This includes the food, utensils, cook gear, and charcoal.  The menu is foil pack style dinners.  Have an adult leader present at the campsite around 3 PM to start the charcoal.  Food boxes will be delivered around 4 PM.  Please place the food boxes and trash at the front of the campsite near the sign when finished for pick up.  If anyone in your Unit has special dietary needs please e-mail at least 14 days prior to your arrival to ensure we make adequate accommodations.


Tori_Leaders Meeting_edited.jpg

Adult Leader Programs

Scouts aren’t the only ones who can learn something new at Lost Valley. We offer IOLS, Safe Swim Defense, and Climb-On Safely training.  There is also the Tri-Range tournament at the Field Sports ranges on Friday afternoon, Project COPE, our hiking program, and many other activities open for adult participation.
Other adults might want to help out in their favorite program areas during the week.


We also host a special Adult Leader Luncheon.  This is a special "Adults Only" lunch scheduled for Thursday at Noon at LaBare Park, across from the Business Office in the center of camp. There will be two tickets distributed to each Unit on Sunday to send two adult leaders (must have a ticket) from their Unit to the lunch.

And, we’re always looking for volunteer commissioners to help out for any week of the summer. Contact our Camp Leadership Team at for more details.​

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