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Maverick/Solo Campers

Individual or "Lone Scout" camping has been around since the beginning of our organization. It hasn't been until recent years where Scoutmasters and parents came to camp with their Scouts. Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley is going old school and offering a chance for adults to take the week off and let us do the work. This is also a great opportunity to have scouts come to camp who were unable to attend with their Troop or who want to spend another week in the great outdoors. 

"I met him three days ago and it's like we have been best friends for years. We are practically twins, we have everything in common. We are definitely going to hang out after camp." -Maverick Scout 2017

Are you having difficulty finding Leaders to get a week off of work to take scouts to camp?
We have it taken care of! We provide trained adult leadership to work with your scouts and be their mentor for the week. They will help with rank advancements, work with them on their badges, and oversee your Scouts safety. Our staff is Youth Protection trained and CPR certified.


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