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Lost Valley is busy year round with  groups participating in rock climbing, rifle shooting, shotgun range, archery range, or the COPE course. Lost Valley also has scheduled camping weekends including: Merit Badge Weekends, Webelos Partner and Pal Weekends, and Family Camp Weekends. Our Campmasters are in charge of the year round activities at Lost Valley, these volunteers’ help run the programs for the weekend. Campmasters are fed in the dinning halls and housed in staff cabins.
Looking for a wholesome family activity? The entire family can become Campmasters. We have several Campmasters families that have been coming out to Lost Valley for years, some younger members of Campmaster families have gotten married and now bring their families out as Campmasters.
What is  a Campmaster?
The Campmaster Corps is a group of men, women, and youth who act as volunteer members of camp staff on weekends throughout the year.  Campmasters operate program areas such as the rifle range, shotgun range, archery, trading post, sports areas, camp administration, and camp maintenance.  Many people can be utilized immediately in some camp program areas.  Other program areas require training which is provided by the Orange County Council, BSA throughout the year.
What can the Campmaster Corps offer you?
If you enjoy the outdoors, find fulfillment in working with youth, and don't mind a little hard work, Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley Campmasters may be for you.  After full days of working in the camp program, the Campmasters enjoy good fellowship and the common desire to work as a team to improve and expand the camp programs. 
How can you become a Campmaster?
To apply, click the "Sign Up" link at the top of this page.  Campmasters and their families are housed and fed for free-in exchange for offering program.  Four weekends a year are requested.  You choose the weekends you work.
Minimum requirements for Campmasters are:

Adult Campmasters
Registered Scouter, 18 years old and over
Scouting background
Outdoor Skills Training recommended
Youth Protection Training
(Current Scoutmasters are discouraged)
Also helpful: CPR Training and Red Cross Standard First Aid


Questions about Campmasters? E-mail the Head Campmaster at






Friends of the Valley

The Friends of the Valley is our second group of volunteers that provide maintenance and construction services to Lost Valley one weekend a month (except during the summer months). Participation on a monthly basis is not mandatory as the work is planned around who is available for the planned weekend and their skills. With the majority of the work that is done at the valley being provided by the Friends and other volunteers, it is a very important and rewarding commitment that you can make. Although the Friends do not have direct contact with the youth participants, their work is extremely valuable in support of the programs and facilities that the youth programs utilize. Friends are housed and fed for free in return for their services.
Questions about Friends of the Valley? E-mail the Friends of the Valley Head at FOV@SSRLV.ORG

Youth Campmaster

Registered Scout, 14 years old and other
Star Rank or higher
Troop leadership experience
Scoutmaster's recommendation
(Adult sponsors are required for Scouts 14 and 15 years old)


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