Adult Leader Training Courses

IOLS Course Schedule


Program Skills  I  Tom Tabb Center

  • Flag Ceremonies

  • Scouts' Own Interfaith Ceremonies

  • Campfires

  • Planning Campouts


Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills - Four Days  

Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) is the BSA's premier outdoor skills course for new Assistant Scoutmasters, Scoutmaster, and any adult leader camping with youth.  This course mirrors the skills a Scout will learn as they progress to First Class.  At Lost Valley, we structure the experience around the Merit Badge program, with IOLS candidates learning different skills taught at our various program areas.   


IOLS is required for all Assistant Scoutmasters and Scoutmasters, in addition to position-specific training. 


Cost: $25/participant (covers cost of food for cooking lesson) 


Schedule:  Course will run during same time as Scout's Merit Badge classes, and is subject to change to accommodate for existing programs.


Scoutcraft  I  Scout Skills Center

  • Ropes, Knots, and Lashings

  • Woods Tools (Knives, Axes, Camp Saws)

  • Camp Cooking

  • Fire Building


Medical Skills  I  Health Lodge

  • Basic First Aid

  • Hurry Cases

  • CPR/AED (not a Red Cross/AHA certificate)

  • Understanding the EMS process


Hiking Skills  I  Hike/Bike Center

  • Packing and Hiking Techniques

  • Navigation by Map and Compass

  • Hike

Nature Skills  I  Nature Center

  • Plant Identification

  • Animal Identification

  • Leave No Trace

Want to help?  If you are a previous IOLS paricipant, council IOLS instructor, or have other prior experience in any of these areas, our camp staff would love your help teaching the course! Speak to the Director of Leader Services when in camp to inquire about volunteer instructor roles.